An Evening Prayer

Author of the whole creation,
Light of light, eternal Word,
Soul and body’s preservation
I commit to Thee, O Lord.
My Redeemer, dwell in me;
Let me sleep and wake with Thee,
And receive Thy benediction
Both in joy and in affliction.

Ere I close my eyes in slumber,
While to rest I lay me down,
Let my grateful heart remember
All the mercies Thou hast shown;
Fill my soul with sacred love;
Let me dream of things above;
And bestow on me the favour
Of Thy presence, gracious Saviour.

Pardon, Jesus, each transgression,
Whether open or unknown,
Thus removing that oppression
Under which I else should groan;
I confess the guilt of sin,
But Thy blood can make me clean;
Hear, O Lord, my supplication;
Grant me joy and consolation.

-Johann von Rist

Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church #46
(Genevan #42)


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